Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Radiant Photo Black Friday Deal (until Nov 30 2022)

I needed to edit some photos in a hurry for my holiday cards, so I was pretty jazzed when one of my friends who used to work at Nik Software reached out to me to tell me about this cool new product that has some very good AI for auto fixing photos (think Perfectly Clear only better).

Check out later in this post for my first thoughts, but here’s a sweet deal they have on it right now if you are taking advantage of Black Friday sales:

Initial Thoughts

While the UX is a little clunky on Windows, many photos will benefit from the auto edits or use of simple presets as shown here:

Radiant Photo

Like I often did with Perfectly Clear, I see this as a product for those photos you care about but you don't want to spend any time editing. It's also useful for final touches on photos you edited, but maybe went overboard in some ways.

I find myself using it like an app where I just load photos and see what it does. If I like it, I save them (or apply changes to new layer when integrating with Photoshop). If not, then no harm done. However, I'm used to advance photo editing directly in Photoshop, so those of you who aren't might find it useful to spend a little more time experimenting in the UX. The online manual is comprehensive, so if you want to go that route you'll be rewarded with documentation which seems rare these days.


Is it worth? Well given gas prices these days, I'd say yeah considering it's something that can turn 30 minutes of photo editing into seconds. I think this product needs some work on the user interface when running on Windows, but it didn't crash during my testing. It definitely saved me some time, so I'll be keeping an eye on it and looking to see what improvements lie ahead.

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