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Thanks for visiting. I no longer blog the crazy 40 hours per week that I used to when normal people would sleep. I decided to scale back in 2014 and now I blog only occasionally for fun.

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Anonymous said...

did not see a code for photc ninja or noise ninja? Would like to order from your site so please let me know if one exists.

Anonymous said...

On the right pane of many of your blog pages is "Read this first".
Goes to a 404 error (page not found).
Amusing, actually, but I thought you would want to fix it, or at least know about it.

ronmartblog.com said...

RE: Photo Ninja / Noise Ninja - No, sorry I don't have a link. Thanks for the reminder though, I've reached out to them as it's been since 2009 since I last spoke with Jim - the founder.

RE: Read this first - Yes, that's something that doesn't have an easy fix - just like something bad that happened to my discount page (which is why there are two tabs). Thanks for the report though!

Anonymous said...


A number of recent forums have been having long discussions about Auto Focus Micro Adjustments and the best way to do this. Do you even perform micro adjustments with your lenses, and if so, what technique do you use?