Tuesday, September 27, 2016

REVIEW: New Topaz Texture Effects 2 only $59.99

New Topaz Texture Effects 2
4k display users will appreciate being able to see a lot of thumbnails at once as shown here

What's New

Everything you loved before and more
Everything you loved before and more

My review and tutorial for Texture Effects was very well received, so be sure to check it out if you haven't used this product yet. I also did a very popular webinar for version 1.1 that showed off the cool rain effect!

If you have, then you know why I love it, so let's see what's new:

  • Transparency Support for Image Assets - you can now have your own custom PNG's to create your own borders, light leaks, scratches and more.
  • Edit Your Adjustments with Enhancements - The adjustment layers that are added to your effect can be refined with the Enhancements feature. What this means is that you can edit any layer without having to start all over again as you needed to do in 1.0 (grrrrr). Your changes get applied to all of the adjustment layers that occur after automatically as you would expect - finally!
  • Copy & Paste Enhancements - If you make a change to a layer that you want to use elsewhere you can now copy and paste it across Texture Effects 2. This is awesome if you do something cool for one of your presets and you want to apply it to another. Now you don't have to screen shot and tweak it manually elsewhere. This coupled with the new edit feature is huge!!!
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo - Never worry about losing your undo history now - undo / redo to your hearts content!

In addition the things above, I'm told there are more lightning fast features, custom effects, and even professional textures from Hazel Meredith and 2 Lil Owls that are due to come out on in the final version on Sept 27. Since I only tested with a pre-release, I haven't seen these yet but I'm excited to try them out!

Where to learn more or order?   (DISCOUNT OFFER)

Click to learn more about all new Texture Effects 2

Get the free trial or buy Topaz Texture Effects 2 now for only $59.99 (originally $69.99) with coupon code : TFX2 (valid until October 30, 2016). After that discount runs out, check out my discount coupon page for offers on any Topaz Labs software and other great products.

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