Friday, May 26, 2017

REVIEW:Topaz Studio - A Free Lightroom Replacement?

Topaz Studio User Interface
Topaz Studio User Interface

Topaz Labs has outdone themselves with a new product that offers a ton of functionality for the best price - FREE!

Topaz Studio is a beautifully designed product that is screaming fast and scales beautifully on any display size - including the 1080p and 4K UHD screens I tested it on, with an ever quick response time throughout the UI. Seriously - it's the fast performing Topaz product I've ever used, so hopefully this is the future of what we'll see from Topaz!

There's a lot to discuss so I've covered everything I could in this 9 minute tutorial video which I highly encourage you to watch so you can quickly get a handle on the wealth of features this product offers - for FREE:


You can't beat free, so if you've grown tired of Adobe's subscription model or have longed for a Luminar alternative on Windows, then this is a great choice. Definitely give it a shot and if you don't like it, then just uninstall it - it didn't cost you much any time!

Personally, I'll still keep Lightroom around for its asset management features (the Library module) and other things I like about it, but this product has my attention. With a promise of an ever evolving feature set with frequent updates, this is sure to be a popular product that I expect to only get better.

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Where to get your FREE COPY

CLICK HERE to learn more and get your FREE copy today!

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Unknown said...

Excellent presentation.
How can I make the2 vertical toolbars show on screen?

Unknown said...

Excellent presentation.
How can I make the 2vertical toolbars show on screen?

Unknown said...

Nice review. Topaz Studio is great. The basic adjustments for free really blows me away. Topaz really needs to work on the speed of the program, and some basic missing features such as batch processing. Really enjoying seeing where they will go with Studio.