Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Impact Master Century C Stand Kit - Avenger Quality without the Avenger Price!

Impact Master Century C Stand Kit with 42" Riser, Grip Head & Arm - Chrome, 10.75'

The Impact Master Century C Stand Kit with 42" Riser, Grip Head & Arm - Chrome, 10.75' ($128.95) is a little bigger and heavier version of my Avenger A2030D Turtle Base Century C Stand Grip Arm Kit - 9.8' (3m)($176.50), but it’s 27% less (as of 1/24/2012). What’s more, is that its easier to use thanks to a brilliant lock design on the bottom:

and it’s every bit as functional:

If you are setting up a new studio and are shooting with anything bigger than a speedlite, then you owe it to yourself to get a great set of C-Stands. However, if you are like me you don’t relish the eye of spending so much money on a hunk of metal that does nothing more than hold your lights. Sadly I didn’t know about these when I set up my studio, but now that I have one I realize what a waste it was for me to buy the Avengers!

Now, I do like the feel of the Avenger D200 grip head a little bit better, but the handle on these is better and its functionally the same. I also love that the grip arm pole is not polished (it’s a cool looking buffed look) so that it doesn’t slip and rotate as easily. It’s also a lot easier to grip under weight which makes it superior to the Avenger design.

I totally trust this with my expensive Elinchrom lighting setup.


I know a lot of generic stuff out there is crap, and I’ve been disappointed with some Impact products, but this isn’t one of them. This is the real deal and a rare bargain product that actually outperforms the product it copies. In fact, if you’ve gotta get the Avenger then do me a favor and buy mine so I can get another one of these and pocket the spare change!

Click here to order yours at B&H today.


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