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WhiteWall Discount and Review of HD Metal Print

Thanks for stopping by for my discount and review of Here's the tweet from my first print (pardon the terrible iPhone 6 photo that destroys the quality of this print):

WhiteWall HD Metal Print (36 x 24 inches)

I had a cool photo from Kyoto, Japan that I loved but on the screen it didn’t wow me as much as the scene did in real life. With my background in printing, I knew the solution to the problem was to print it large – very large – so I could have an image that was big enough that it made me feel like I was looking through a window at scene.

My friends at WhiteWall offered me the opportunity to review their cool new HD Metal Print as a way to make that idea a reality, so I quickly jumped at at chance to do it.

Ordering & Travel Time

Placing an order was easy

The ordering process was easy and mostly painless. The upload time for my 445 megabytes 16-bit ProPhoto TIF image was longer than I hoped, but it was a big file being sent to Germany so that was somewhat to be expected.

I ordered on April 25th and by the 29th the print had shipped from WhiteWall (based in Germany) via FedEx, and it arrived on May 4th. This was within their 10 days or less promise, but a little longer than you would expect from when ordering from companies in the US. Keep this in mind if you are in a rush so you are sure to plan in advance – it’s worth the wait!


The packaging was extremely well done and this 14 pounds print made its way all the way to the West Coast of the US with no problems. Here’s some pictures I took with my iPhone that show how well it was packed:

Big prints come in big packages, but the important part is that they arrive safely - it did!

The print was wrapped very well on the inside

Sandwiched safely inside
Sandwiched safely inside

The print arrived safely without a scratch

Frame Quality

Frame construction was excellent, and Seal of Quality was a nice touch

I was very impressed with the frame as it not only protected the edges of my print, it was beautiful to display with solid German construction. There’s no flex or rattle with the fame joints. The print also included a “Seal of Quality” which is a nice touch that should impress clients.

The Aluminum Art Box 1" frame was very professional looking

The Aluminum Art Box 1” that I chose has a 1” stand off from the bottom of the frame which gives it a floating appearance. The edges were measured perfectly, and despite the magnification here – in the actual print you have a hard time even telling that the image is floating like this (under normal incandescent lighting conditions).

Print Quality

The Original Image

While I love this image, all of the compression that occurs when you show it at screen resolution makes it dreadful to look at online or in small prints. This is why I was excited to see it both as a large print and with the pop you get from metal.

I’m an X-Rite Coloratti Pro and NEC Color Visionary so I’m very well versed in a proper color managed workflow. I know what it takes to get accurate color prints, and I’ve talked about it at length in my printing series and eBook, so my biggest concern about this print was going to be the accuracy of the color – especially with so much red!

I’m happy to report that the color is true to my original file and compares well against the prints I’ve done of this image with my Canon iPF6450 printer. 


While this print was obviously more costly than a paper based print and took a while to arrive, it was worth the wait. The results are fantastic, and I would highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for fine art caliber metal prints.

Where to order

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