Friday, August 9, 2013

REVIEW: Topaz Restyle–The Most Inspiring Plug-In I’ve Reviewed (Discount Offer)

Topaz Labs Restyle

Topaz Labs sent me a copy of Restyle a week ago and at first I wasn’t sure what to make of it. After a little experimentation I realized that this was like when I used Nik Viveza for the first time where the light bulb goes off and you say “WOW, this is a game changing plug-in”.

I immediately fell in love with Restyle because analyzes your image and offers 1000 color enhancements that can help you find a creative look for your photo that you might not have discovered with anything else on the market.

Now going through a thousand different options could be very tedious, but the folks at Topaz have made it easy by offering a mechanism to “check” your favorite thumbnails so that you can later filter just them to identify your favorite choice.

Here’s an example of the top 8 I found when pouring through the choices:

Lots of interesting options to choose from that could be starting points with layer blends and opacity changes
Lots of interesting options to choose
These could be starting points with layer blends and opacity changes

After I found my favorite, I just accepted the defaults and applied it to my image as you see here:

A different new look with a click of a button
A different new look with a click of a button

With my new layer I could stop there or I could use layer opacity changes or blending modes to get creative with how I accept this new creative layer. I can also just call it a day as I’ve done above.

For the above image the wheels are a bit dark and there’s a bit too much hot spot. The UI let’s me change these things before I leave so that Lightroom users can have a final image that suits their needs without having to resort to Photoshop layers. Here’s just some of the settings I could have changed before sending the image to Lightroom or Photoshop:

Restyle Editing Options
Restyle Editing Options

There’s also a large selection of presets to help speed up your creative decisions:

Presets Collection

You can click the thumbnails view to quickly get a real-time preview of your image with all the possible presets. Here’s an example:

Restyle Collection Thumbnails Viewer

This is the best of all the Topaz user interfaces, and it includes all of the goodness of B&W Effects, and then some.

Restyle Masks are very handy for Lightroom users
Restyle Masks are very handy for Lightroom users

Before & After Mode
Before & After Mode

It’s so hard to describe this product, so you really should click here to download the trial version. See is understanding and believing!

Video Demo


There’s lots of “me too” plug-ins out there that do the same old things, but ReStyle is very different. It’s the first product I’ve seen that marries image analysis to help unleash creative new editing options even for the artistically challenged. This is a game changing product that will help to inspire you to enhance your images in ways you never imagined before.

If you are in a creative rut or looking for something to give some spark to your image, this is it. This is different and cool in a big way!

Where to order

Click here to order Topaz Restyle for only $29.99 until August 31th with the coupon code restyleit

The normal retail price will be $59.99, but you can always save on any Topaz Labs product with my RONMART 15% off discount code good on ALL individual products or the complete collection.

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Ione said...

Hey there,

Ive downloaded and installed the trial of Topaz and i do love it, but i am interested in being able to apply one of the filter to a batch of images. Can this be done? and would you know how?

Thank you. said...


I haven't done it, but it would certainly be possible using a Photoshop droplet. I haven't watched this video, but I suspect it shows you how you can easily create one:

With photoshop installed and a droplet you can make that an action that automatically runs after you export files from Lightroom for a simple workflow that automatically applies the same filter over any number of files.