Monday, April 29, 2013

Post-Mortem: Reader Appreciation Workshop on April 27, 2013 hosted by BlackRapid

My friends at BlackRapid are helped me out by hosting my first ever reader appreciation workshop in Seattle on Saturday April 27, 2013. Everyone seemed to have a great time and the most repeated phrase I heard was “this was better than most workshops that I’ve been to in the past”!


If you attended this workshop please add your comments to this article to share what you thought about the workshop. If you took any photos then please share your link to your gallery of shots when you get a chance.

Our Beautiful Featured Models

All the attendees were raving about how much fun they had working with two of my favorite models Raia & Juliet. They gave a 110% with almost no break during the entire 5 hours they were there!

They both volunteered to give up a Saturday and work at a drastically to help make this event happen at the lowest cost possible, so a huge thanks goes out to these real pros. They made me look good as well as all of the photographers who worked with them!



I gave away thousands of dollars worth of Free Stuff!!!!

Think Tank Photo Pixel Pocket Rocket™ was given to ALL participants
A $18.75 value!

lens rental
2 Lucky Winners won a $100 Gift Certificate for a future rental

All participants won a FREE upgrade to the Premium Edition (a $99.95 value)

Nik Collection by Google - only $149
1 Lucky Winner won a FREE copy of the Nik Collection by Google (a $149 value)
Click here to learn more

1 Lucky Winner won get a FREE copy of the Topaz Photoshop Bundle (a $299.99 value!), and another won a copy of Adjust



BlackRapid let everyone try out their cool straps while they were at the workshop. They also gave away the Yeti (a $99 value - shown above), some lens bling and a sport strap to three lucky winners.


Thank you to all the readers who attended, and a HUGE thank you to Ron Henry & BlackRapid for hosting his event Susie Nisco for pulling everything together to make it all run smoothly. Heck, Susie even pinched hit as a third model which was above and beyond the call of duty – BlackRapid is so lucky to have her on their team!

I’d also like to thank onOne Software, ThinkTankPhoto,, Google, Topaz Labs, and BlackRapid for their generous gift support as well! I’d also like to thank Glazers Cameras  who gave us a discount on the rentals to help lower costs.

While this workshop cost me several hundred dollars and a day away from my family, I was thrilled to get a chance to interact with my readers. I wish I could have supported even more people, but the hands on approach of this workshop was very important to me. I hope everyone who attended enjoyed it. If you did, please show your support by sharing links to your favorite articles on your favorite websites, forums, social media, digg, etc…; donating; or coming back here to use my links or discount coupon codes when you order your photography gear or photo editing products. If you have any questions or need a link, just contact me and I’ll be happy to help! – Ron

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Anonymous said...

What's the small "fees" in registration?

BTW ... On your studio light link you have , "but Ron your missing". Should read "you're" - as in.... you are. said...

Click the registration link to see the exact fee rate. You don't actually register until you pay so it's safe to click and just peek.

Thanks for the note about the typo. It happens sometimes as the fingers move faster than the brain. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I guess I wasn't clear. I had seen the small fees and amounts. I was just confused because in another area - the pricing differs and contradicts the amounts on the registration page.

I just didn't know if the small fees were taxes (I'm in Ory-gun) ... or.... if the fees were misc from expenses you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed it and not sure even possible. If shoot times don't conflict - is it possible to sign up for premium AND the 2nd studio? Basically getting more time?

Thx! said...


If we sell out then there will only be room for attendee ticket holders at station 2. If you want to do both your best bet it to spend the extra $10 for the attendee ticket said...

RE: Small Fees = Ticket prices and the web site that is doing the ticket management is also charging their own service charge.

My income from this will be $0.00 because I'm doing it as a way to say Thank You to some of my loyal readers. said...

I got a question about what gear people should bring.

Your fully charged camera (hot shoe required) and ideally a lens that can zoom out to 200mm but at least 70mm.

LucS said...

This was a great workshop - Ron has a set up with studio strobes where each participant could take their turns and take their own pictures, set up the lights which ever way they wanted, under Ron's guidance. In the meantime, there were 2 other sets (Speedlights and Window light) with a floating model, ready to pose for you any time you wanted. All in all, the availability of 3 lighting situations, 2 models available all day long, Ron's very detailed guidance, and a great location. This is the type of "hands-on" workshop that I would like to attend more often.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for putting on a great workshop with really valuable tips. The location was fantastic and both Juliet and Raia were great to work with as models.

All the best wishes,

Julio said...

Thanks Luc & Julio!

I probably won't do another one like this so I'm glad you were able to take advantage of it!