Monday, August 26, 2013

REVIEW: Exposure Solutions: The Most Common Photography Problems and How to Solve Them

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On my flight to New Orleans this past week, I finally got around to reading Bryan Peterson's Exposure Solutions: The Most Common Photography Problems and How to Solve Them cover to cover. I had already determined from thumbing through it that it was probably a good book, but after reading it I can easily say it’s an excellent book that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Bryan Peterson has been a long-time favorite author of mine because he writes in a way that normal people can understand. He’s also so darn creative that you can’t help but have hundreds of ideas about what you want to shoot after reading one of his books. This book matches that winning formula of his previous books, but this time he offers practical advice on how to tackle many of the problems that almost every photographer will eventually face.

If you’ve taken one of Bryan’s Workshops or his PPSOP  courses, then some of the material may seem familiar. In fact, some of the content was came directly from the workshop that I assisted him on a few years back.

What you get in this book is 6 sections with multiple chapters each that just get to the point on a common photography problem and how to solve it. This approach makes it ideal for the photographer who is in need of answers, so this book also makes a great eBook to keep handy on your phone or tablet.


This is a fantastic book that might be a little tricky to follow for early beginners, but once you know the basics of photography you’ll mostly likely find this book to be an invaluable resource. It’s the most helpful photography book I’ve read thus far in 2013, and I highly recommend it.

Don’t believe me? Support your local bookstore and check it out for yourself! However, be warned – once you pick it up, it’s hard to put this book back down!

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