Thursday, October 23, 2008

Canon G10 does well versus a $40,000 DSLR?

I know it is crazy talk, but I thought this article was interesting none-the-less. Sure the DSLR is still the better camera, but he has a good point in that the new Canon G10 is certainly creeping into DSLR performance. I won't be tossing my DSLR for a G10 anytime soon, but it provides a great option for when you need to travel light like I did for my trip to Disneyland with a G9. I got decent results with the G9 during that trip and it appears the G10 is significantly better, so perhaps it is time for me to finally order one to stop the madness of bringing my big 1D Mark III with the flash to the dinner table!

Thanks Tanka for sharing this article with the photo club!

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loplop said...

Very interesting, isn't it? Great blogging on the G9, I've learned some things reading through your posts.

I may have to try a G10 as, like you, I've found my G9 to be a great companion to DSLRs.

Kurt Klimisch said...

Based on what I am reading on the G10, I am getting one - keeping my 20D instead of upgrading to 50D. And don't forget with the hotshoe you can still take your off-camera flash with you. Strobist talks about high sync your flash at 1/2000 sec which opens some interesting creative possibilities.