Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Canon FINALLY Admits 1D-Mark III AF was still flawed

When my Canon 1D-Mark III’s AF hits its target the results are awesome, BUT that seems to be about 65% of the time which negates any benefit in performance you get from this crazy expensive camera. Canon today finally admitted that they have figured out the AF issues (of course we’ve heard that before) and issued a new firmware update to address the issue.

Canon has also created a new web site just for the Canon 1D-Mark III autofocus. reports that Canon will be working with owners and local stores to ensure that AF issues are addressed in all 1D-Mark III and 1Ds-Mark III bodies.

I’m looking forward to seeing if Rob Galbraith’s article gets updated to discuss this latest “fix”. For now, there’s only a short blurb.

Let’s pray that Canon fixes this because this is a great camera that has been marred by a senseless bug!

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Anonymous said...

This page explains the affected serial numbers:

You can ignore the return offer if your 1D serial number does not fall in the range specified here:
“If the serial number on the bottom of the camera is between 501001 and 546561, it could be affected by the AF mirror adjustment problem, with the exception of cameras with the following serial numbers (click here) which were manufactured with an updated mirror mechanism. (Additionally, all EOS-1D Mark III cameras with serial numbers higher than 546561 have been manufactured with the updated mirror mechanism.)”
Please note: there are many units in this range that are unaffected as well. See the PDF link in the quote above.

The 1.2.5 applies to all 1D Mark III owners across the board and specifically addresses the following:
1. Corrects a phenomenon in which a displayed image becomes pitch-black if it is zoomed in on during Live View shooting.
2. Corrects a phenomenon in which "busy" may continue to appear on the camera if the USB cable is disconnected during USB communication.
3. Changes the error indications that are displayed on the camera. The error indications are further clarified to make the causes of errors easier to identify, and so that adequate support can be provided to our customers.
This firmware is not an attempt to fix the AF issue. It merely coincides with the admission of fault announcement.
The firmware can be obtained here:

BTW, if you are looking for the a PDF of the Online AF manual with the scenarios:
(approx 12.4MB)