Friday, May 15, 2009

FolioSnap Review Update


I’d like to issue an open apology to FolioSnap for an error I had made in my review. I had mistakenly said they only offered one layout when in fact they offer three. I had gone to the Choose Theme portion of their site when I was writing the review (late at night) and naturally only saw one layout.

Shopping Cart Experience

In my review I also trashed the shopping cart experience because it simply didn’t work. The Add to Cart and View Cart buttons didn’t show up, but after some debugging on behalf of Founder, Josh Rencher, it was discovered that I hadn’t set a title for my image. This is required to make this feature work (which I believe should be addressed from a usability standpoint), so my test site now works as expected:

image After you add the item your cart it' will take you to PayPal just like SiteWelder does, and you’ll see a page like this:


In addition there were a couple other minor errors. I would encourage my readers to re-read the updated version at Professional Photography Web Hosting Roundup- FolioSnap.

FolioSnap has also added a special offer for my blog readers where you can extend its normal 15 day trial to 30 days just by entering the promo code RONMART when you sign up for a free trail. This service was the fastest to get up and going in this series with a nice professional look, so I encourage you to try it out for yourself!

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