Monday, May 21, 2012

World Famous Beezerker Motorcycle Goes On Sale

Beezerker - Copyright Ron Martinsen
Copyright Ron Martinsen – All Rights Reserved

By far, the coolest product I’ve ever shot was the Beezerker – a custom award-winning hand-built motorcycle with over 1000 hours of labor poured into it. This awesome motorcycle has been the buzz of the design world from Russia, to France, to Los Angeles and more. It’s even been used as eye candy for the grand opening of the Cosmopolitan Casio in Las Vegas.

Once rumored to be worth as much as $100,000 USD, it’s now on eBay starting at $57,450. As a work of art, it’s likely to attract the rich and wealth to add this to their collection. It’ll be interesting to watch it and see just how much it will get in this depressed economy.

If that price tag is too high for you then you might be interested in purchasing Beezerker Photos from me as others have. Its limited edition prints have been highly sought after because I’ve limited distribution to maintain the value of the prints for existing print buyers. You can click here to see a limited set of photos, and more are available upon request for serious collectors only.

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