Monday, October 15, 2012

Enjoy The Fall Colors Especially When Its Wet And Overcast

Model Juliet Dang

I had a client in town for private training with me this weekend and my original plan was to go out and try to shoot the fall colors with a model. When an unexpected rain and overcast day arrived we shot in the studio for as long as week could and only saved 2 hours (90 minutes after drive time) for the outdoors. What a mistake – the fresh rain had cleaned off the foliage making them nice and saturated to the camera and the clouds acted as God’s soft box. The net result was a wonderful shoot with mouth watering color. Moral of the story – don’t let a little rain and clouds keep you indoors – especially in the fall, there’s always something out there to shoot.

This photo was taken with Canon 1D X using my favorite lens, the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM set to 135mm and f/4 for 1/200 sec at ISO 400. Light was provided by a Lastolite Joe McNally Ezybox Hot Shoe - 24 x 24" (61 x 61 cm) with Canon 600EX-RT flash triggered by a Canon ST-E3 with a 1/2 cut CTO Rogue Gel inside the softbox. The in-camera JPEG (standard picture style) was cropped and slightly enhanced using only Lightroom 4.2.

This is a shot that I set up and my student took with me holding the soft box. If you are interested in hiring me for a private lesson like this, contact me.


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