Friday, January 9, 2015

Photo of the Week is Back!!! Space Needle Fireworks by Muralee Raghavan

New year night fire works at Space Needle in Seattle - Copyright (c) Muralee Raghavan - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I’ve decided to bring back my Photo of the Week series where I show off blog readers awesome photos. The first winner for 2015 is from Muralee Raghavan who created this awesome composite image from 5 shots taken with his Nikon D7100 using his inexpensive 20mm f/2.8 lens. The EXIF of the base shot shows 20mm at ISO 800 for 1/13 sec at f/2.8. Even more impressive is that all of the frames for this composite were taken handheld!

While I would have been inclined to take this shot using one of my recommended tripods or at least using this handheld technique, Muralee was able to hold steady enough to get the shot. While it certainly helped that he was using a 20mm as shutter speeds of 1/20 sec or faster are enough to eliminate camera shake, he was at 1/13 using a D7100 with a 1.3x crop factor so most people would need 1/26 sec or faster (typically 1/30) to eliminate normal camera shake. Perhaps a large print would show this, but for the web I think it it is a great shot that was very well done from start to finish. Congrats!

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Click here to order the Nikon D7100 on the B&H web site. Adorama also has them here.

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