Sunday, July 5, 2009

Professional Photography Web Hosting Roundup: Search Engine Optimizations Follow-up

As promised in my Professional Photography Web Hosting Roundup- Conclusion (6 of 6) article back on May 16th, I promised I would follow up with longer-term search engine optimization results.

As of July 5th, 2009 at 11:29 PM PST, the search results for the sites created in this article with the big three search engines were as follows:

  1. Smugmug (Page 1 - #4)
  2. SiteWelder (Page 1 - #6)
  3. liveBooks (Page 2 - #12)
  4. FolioSnap – not found
  1. Smugmug (Page 1 - #2)
  2. SiteWelder - not found
  3. liveBooks - not found
  4. FolioSnap - not found
  1. Smugmug (Page 1 - #1)
  2. SiteWelder (Page 1 - #3)
  3. liveBooks (Page 1 - #4)
  4. FolioSnap – not found

Foliosnap wasn’t found on any of the sites because my trial membership expired and the site was deleted. The other sites remain live, so if the results change in the future I may post another follow up.

One interesting note is that for liveBooks and SiteWelder my home page wasn’t the page referenced, but rather a link to my People portfolio (liveBooks liveBooks link & SiteWelder link). Apparently I did something special to that photo/category to cause it to perform better than the others.

UPDATE (July 6, 09 @ 11:16 AM PST)

It has been reported to me by SiteWelder that they are now #1 on, so I ran a query and confirmed they are first, liveBooks was third, and Smugmug was fourth. This is totally different than my results from last night, so I’m going to ask that people click on the links above for, and and note the search results that they get (feel free to report your results as a comment to this blog). Here’s a map of which domain name belongs to which company:


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