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ronmartblog-LogoEffective now, I have added a new domain name for this blog that hopefully will be a little easier for people to remember (and for me to say). The new web address for this blog is The old address, will still exist, but it will forward to the new name so there’s no need to update your existing bookmarks.


Well ronmart has historical meaning for me as it was my first email name ( – but this doesn’t refer to me anymore). I eventually used the same email at my current employer, so I picked up the  nickname ronmart. It’s short, easy to say and pronounce and unlike my last name people will rarely misspell it! The blog part after that is pretty easy, so I thought this was a good combo.

I considered, but that domain already points to my SiteWelder site so there ya go.

Why not

Well because that already exists and it’s the place where my professional portfolio exists. Besides, most people misspell my last name so I figured that the blog name should be short and easier to remember.

What’s coming up

This blog is growing fast and lots of great articles are on the way. I know that content updates have been a little slow over the last few months but that’s about to change as a slew of articles are in the works behind the scenes. I’ve also contracted an assistant to help me to get more time on focusing on creating content for you rather than administrative tasks. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the upcoming printing series as well as other great product reviews that are in the works.

Thanks for your support!

Ron Martinsen

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