Saturday, July 10, 2010

Canon printing series is under way…

Today, I received the all-new Canon iPF6300 24” wide format printer (B&H and Adorama) from Canon. This printer is so fast and fun to use that I’ve already burned through my first roll of paper that comes with the printer and have done 10 prints, including two huge 24x51” prints! This wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of JVH Technical LLC, as they volunteered to come by my house and carry this 200 pound beast up to my studio! I’d love to say that they had a reason for doing this, but the reality is that these guys help anyone in the metro area with printing issues – even if they haven’t purchased anything from JVH! However, if you ever take the time to meet John and Ryan you’ll understand why they’ll be my preferred source for printing supplies and equipment moving forward.

Stay tuned for some really cool stuff in the printing series. A LOT is  happening behind the scenes, so I’m eager to get some articles released to you as soon as I have all the data I need.

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P.S. Here’s more info on my favorite local digital imaging solutions company…

Attention Northwest Shoppers – JVH Technical – A GREAT Place to buy local


Talk to anyone in the Northwest who is serious about printing, and odds are they’ve come across the path of John Harrington (no, not this one) and his company JVH Technical, LLC. When you do, the first words out of their mouth are always “John is a great guy”, and after meeting him myself I have to agree. John and his son Ryan are a big volume printer sales and supplies company with home grown service – literally – they run the business out of their really cool classic Northwest home!

Now, I know to some this “home run” business might be a turn off, but the reality is that when John talks about printing people listen. Industry greats like Greg Gorman (featured on my Top Photographers list) and Bambi Cantrell have been in attendance to his past open houses (sponsored by Epson and Canon) and his printer sales blow away even local big shots like Glazers and Kenmore Camera. Not only that, but this July the Sr. VP of Imaging from Canon USA, Rich Reamer, along with other top brass from Canon and Epson will be in attendance at his Demo Day on July 8th. In fact, as I was leaving John’s house in preparation of this article an ex-CEO of Hasselblad just happened to drop in to John’s to catch up on old times! Yeah, this isn’t some ordinary mom and pop home business!

This is no small mom and pop shop either, as John carries an inventory of over $400,000 in fine art papers and a huge selection of the latest printers from Epson and Canon that are available for immediate delivery. Not only that, they’ll deliver and install them for you at no charge! In fact, even if you didn’t buy your printer from John, if you have questions or are having problems odds are they’ll come out to your house and help make things right again – usually at no charge! In addition, John’s always happy to provide free samples of the papers you’ve wanted to try, but are wondering if they are worth the expense! This is the kind of customer service that simply doesn’t exist very much in the world today, but it is also why everyone loves JVH! I can’t recommend them enough as a great local resource for printers and supplies, and if you do go visit John as a result of this article (or series) be sure to tell him that I sent you. He may just have something special for you for doing so - <wink/> <wink/>

Here’s more in John’s own words as to why you should buy from JVH.

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