Monday, December 10, 2012

I’m Back…

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My apologies for the long absence, but I’ve been in Asia for the last few weeks where I captured nearly 7000 images of some of the coolest places I’ve ever seen. The above shot is almost straight out of camera (it has in-camera processing and the punch Lightroom preset applied), and it’s just one of many that I’m eager to process properly.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for my Japan and Korea photos though as I’ve got a bad track record of putting Asia shots on the back burner (my 2007 China and Japan trips are still 99.999% unprocessed and waiting for my attention). If I ever won the lottery and didn’t need to work, I’d dedicate my life to processing the majority of them as they are the crown jewels of my private collection.

I know the frequency and quality of the blog articles has slipped over the last few weeks with a few noteworthy exceptions, but I’ll be back blogging regularly this week. I'll also be getting my hands on some of hottest cameras so reviews of gear, photo editing software, books, and more are coming soon.

Thanks for your support while I was gone so I could enjoy time with my family and spend time being a real photographer instead of a gear reviewer/writer!


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