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REVIEW: The Art of Boudoir Photography: How to Create Stunning Photographs of Women

WARNING: Preview contains images NSFW

The Art of Boudoir Photography: How to Create Stunning Photographs of Women is a book on boudoir photography written by female photographer Christa Meola that focuses on how to create sexy and classy photos that show off the beauty and curves of a woman. Unlike other books on the subject which tend to be more self-serving printed portfolios of the author, this book is actually education and fun. It features lots of great tips, advice, and practical recommendations that I’ve not seen discussed in any other book on the subject. Even if you choose to never go fully nude, I think many of the recommendations in this book would be helpful in photographing women in general, so I feel comfortable recommending it for all photographers.

Why I Like This Book

This book isn’t just a book with pictures of naked women – it’s actually a good resource on composition, lighting, and the psychology of photographing women. It features really great practical advice on how to prepare yourself, the set, your assistants and the model for a great shoot – all of which could be applied just as well to a swimsuit or even a model in winter clothes.

There’s checklists, and numbered lists of things you can use to help you be prepared and get the shot on a shoot. There’s also some basic tips on post-processing as well as composition that those new to photography will really enjoy.


It doesn’t matter if your model is an amateur, pro, or a member of your own family – the techniques discussed will be helpful for any shoot – not just boudoir shoots. This is why I think this makes a great gift for the photographer in your household as well as well as would-be boudoir models to help them understand the difference between this style of photography and pornography.

TECHNICAL NOTE: There’s one issue I noticed in this book that I should point out – all of the photo captions assume the reader knows that shutter speeds are in factions of a second, so if you see 200 sec then that really means 1/200 sec – not 200 seconds (i.e. over 3 min) for the exposure! The book is consistent on this point, so don’t let this throw you if you are super detail oriented.

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