Monday, September 9, 2013

REVIEW: The Digital Print by Jeff Schewe

The Digital Print: Preparing Images in Lightroom and Photoshop for Printing by Jeff by far the best book on the subject of digital printing that I’ve read to date. Nothing I’ve seen up to this point is as comprehensive and detailed on all of the details required to make a great digital print. While there’s a handful of minor things that I might disagree with or have a different opinion on, I strongly believe those advanced computer users who are interested in improving the quality of their prints will benefit from reading this book.

If you read Jeff’s other book, The Digital Negative, then you know what to expect here. This is a very detailed book that sometimes jumps heavy into the geek realm that will perplex beginner to intermediate computer users, but if you just gloss over the stuff you don’t understand you’ll probably still digest enough to help improve your printing.

How does this compare to Printing 101?

I wrote a very introductory level printing eBook called Printing 101 after doing my printing series as a way to help beginners jump into the complex workflow that is required to be successful at digital printing. I consider Jeff’s book to be a great sequel to my book for those who are looking for more depth and details, as I specifically refrained from the depth of the small details that Jeff has done in this book. If you are a hard core geek you might do fine skipping my book and jumping straight into Jeff’s book, but you’ll still find my printing series as a great resource after reading either book.


I didn’t do a chapter by chapter breakdown of this book because it just doesn’t make sense. This is a big topic that requires cover to cover reading – in order – from either a book like this or my Printing 101 eBook if you don’t want to read this more comprehensive book.

I do strongly believe that anyone who is very serious about being a print master should take the time to read Jeff’s book, and if it all doesn’t make sense the first time through then read it again a few months later. Printing isn’t especially hard, but it’s quiet cumbersome with a lot of variables that come into play which can set you up for failure if you make the wrong decisions. My book was designed to touch on these topics, but Jeff’s book goes deep into the details.

As I told Jeff Schewe when I got my copy of this book, this is the book that I wanted to write but I simply didn’t have the time. He did a great job and does this topic justice so I highly recommend it.

Where to order

Click here to order this book on Amazon where you can find it paperback as well as digital formats.

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