Thursday, January 28, 2010

Protect your photos and videos with ioSafe

One of the problems for Photographers right now is the necessity to back up our photos, but the glacial pace (and sometimes great expense – for high speed services online) required to  backup our ever growing image library. I’ve always urged a strategy of offline backup using services like Mozy so that your photos are safe from fire, water, earthquakes, theft, etc… However, a cool company in Auburn, California called ioSafe has created a solution that is a revolutionary new way to protect your sensitive data. The solution is their cleverly designed shells that protect hard drives fire and water damage, and in the case of Solid State Drives (SSD) – even falls, collapsed buildings, bullets, and more!

What’s great about these drives is that they not only have protected the drive physically with a great case, but they’ve thought about problems like cooling (which to be honest most ordinary external drive makers fail to get right thus causing drives to fail), as well as theft (it can be bolted into concrete or metal just like a high-end safe).

Cool videos of IO Safe being tortured

I first learned of this product when I heard about the outrageous demo that they did at CES 2010 showing how indestructible this thing is! While I don’t have that video handy, I do have this demo which is just is good. Here’s some more cool demos:

I trust my Photos on the ioSafe

I trust this drive so much that for 2010, I’m going to store all my incoming photos on the ioSafe Solo. This drive will still be backed up online to Mozy to protect against loss that might occur due to a virus (caught in time), electrical surges, and physical theft (as I have no place where my wife will let me bolt it to the floor). This thing weighs about 10 pounds so you know there’s more than just marking hoopla going on here – this thing is a tank! It also cools well (which was my biggest concern), but it does generate slightly more noise than all of my other devices (about the same noise level that PC fans gave off during the Windows XP days). Fortunately, the noise isn’t enough to bother me so if you’ve PC’s for longer than 3 years you’ll get used to it rather quickly.

$1,000 Data Recovery Guarantee

These drives include a one time, no questions asked policy for 1 year. Click here for details. It also has a 3 Year standard manufacturer's warranty for defects. This can protect you should the worst case happen, or if your drive gets fried by an electrical surge. I highly recommend the extended data protection service if you won’t be using an online backup service in addition to this device.

Special Offer

Save 10% on ioSafe products. See this article for more details, or visit the Discount Coupon Code page.

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