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While I have an article entitled What plug-ins should I buy? (for Photoshop & Lightroom), I thought I’d put together a quick reference for those who are visual and just want quick links that point to my favorite products. You may also enjoy my articles entitled:

With that said, here’s a list of the products that I use most often when editing photos for my portfolio and for photos you’ll find on Asian Photo Adventures and my Photography Notebook:

Nik Collection by Google (All 6 < $127 USD)

The products that dominate my favorite plug-ins are the Nik Collection by Google which consists of the following 6 products all for only $149 USD (worldwide) (or CLICK HERE to get it for only $126.65 with my RONMART or coupon code):

In my Color Efex Pro review I call this “the most important plug-in you can buy” with good reason.  I can’t live without this product. Version 3 was the first Photoshop plug-in I ever owned, and version 4 knocked my socks off. I can’t imagine editing photos without it.

Silver Efex Pro 2

I hated black and white photography before using Silver Efex Pro 2, but now I love it. It was declared “the golden standard” in my comparison of Nik Silver Efex–vs–Topaz B&W Effects–vs–onOne Perfect Effects

Viveza 2

Viveza – I hate creating layer masks for complex objects. It takes too much time and keeps me up late at night. When I discovered that Viveza seemed to read my mind and allow me to do complex changes without needing to create layer masks (thanks to U-Point controls), I was hooked. Now I can’t do my final display and print edits without using this tool!


HDR Efex Pro 2

Photomatix is the industry standard, but HDR Efex Pro 2 did very well in my HDR Comparison article. The wealth of features, ease of use and of course U-Point controls make a product worth serious consideration.  

Dfine 2.0

While Noiseware won my Noise Reduction Roundup, Dfine was a close second. It’s great noise reduction with the aid of U-Point controls which makes for a powerful combo.

Sharpener Pro 3.0

In my Sharpener Pro review and my printing 101 eBook I discuss how this is Idiot proof sharpening for both display and print.

Master your HDR Skills with StuckInCustoms Video Tutorials

SPECIAL OFFER – Trey Ratcliff’s Lightroom Plug-ins – ONLY $14.98 until May 27th!
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Click here and use the coupon code RONMART15 to get 15% off on the best HDR instructional videos on the web. Here are some of my favorites:

Kelby Training - The Best and Most Affordable Training Value on web for up to $40 OFF!

Click here to learn how to use my RONMARTBLOG coupon code save $20 (and up to $40) when you sign up for the best and least expensive training for Photography, Photo Editing, Composition and more. There’s even instructions from my favorite photographer Tim Wallace where he teaches you how he creates these amazing photos for the major car companies around the world:


Nearly every image I work on starts with noise reduction and my favorite product for doing that is Noiseware (the winner of my noise reduction roundup). When I do skin softening, there’s no other product that I consider as good and as powerful as Portraiture.

You can use my coupon code RONMART2012 when you check out for a discount on the following products:

Get all three products below at a discounted rate in this suite.

If you see a photo of mine that has skin, Portraiture 
is the ONLY product I use for skin softening.

Want to get rid of noise from your images?
Noiseware is the king of noise removal while preserving detail – period!

Miss film and want to get that classic look and grain back?
Realgrain might be just what you are looking for!

 Topaz Labs

Treehouse by Ron Martinsen - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Treehouse by Ron Martinsen - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Looking for that plug-in that does something different to help you create that “new look”? Look no further than the Topaz Labs Collection.  My webinar for the treehouse and other images above was a huge hit because people really wanted to see how to get that HDR look even when they didn’t have all the images to create an HDR photo.

For as powerful as U-Point controls in the Nik Collection are, there are some times you just need to do masking. When you do and it’s something that is really difficult there is no better product than ReMask. Sure, it requires some patience, but it can help you with hair, trees, wedding veils and more. It’s my go to product when I’ve got tough layer mask work to do.

Adjust is Trey Ratcliff’s secret sauce, and it’s what I got to when I want to give an image that extra dimension or special look.

B&W Effects came out of nowhere to  give Silver Efex Pro a run for its money, and its wealth of unique presets make it useful even if you own the Nik Collection by Google! See my Black & White Comparison article to understand just how good it is and why you might want more than B&W conversion solution.

Topaz has a bunch of powerful add-ins that do a wide variety of things to take your images to the next level. photoFXlab allows you to tie them all together even if you don’t have Photoshop or Lightroom!

onOne Software – Don’t own Photoshop or Lightroom? Then check this out!

Perfect Photo Suite is an often misunderstood product because they are often compared with Nik Software, but the reality is that in most areas they don’t overlap. What’s more, the latest version allows you to run the entire suite in a stand alone program that is super fast and doesn’t require any Adobe software on your machine. Sure it still integrates with Photoshop and Lightroom very well, but the point is that it isn’t required – and you get full layer support with Perfect Layers! In fact, for those who pay attention to detail in-camera you can probably survive with this instead of even Photoshop Elements!

It includes seven powerful products and includes two that have no equal over anything else mentioned on this page – Perfect Resize (THE standard for resize photos) and FocalPoint which gives you gorgeous bokeh without an expensive lens.

Perfect Effects (which you can own a scaled down version of for free using the link above) is similar to Color Efex by Nik Software, but with very different filters. In fact, I’d say the similarity stops at there so It’s not uncommon for me to try both products on a photo before deciding on the final look. It’s free, so why not download it and start using it in your workflow! If you love it then you can upgrade to the full version to get even more effects!

Save 50% Off ALL onOne Software products if you own the Nik Collection by Google

Owners of Nik Plug-Ins Get 50% Off Perfect Photo Suite 7
Save 50% on the Perfect Photo Suite 7 if you own the Nik Collection by Google

When the Nik Collection by Google was announced it was the best deal on the planet, so it made sense for onOne Software to offer this great deal for those who want to own the two most popular suites. I don’t know how long this deal is going to last, but this was once a $599 suite as well so it is a screaming deal for what you get! Heck, I’d pay the $149.95 for Perfect Resize alone, so the fact that you also get Perfect Portrait, Perfect B&W, Perfect Effects, Perfect Mask, Perfect Layers and FocalPoint makes it a no brainer at $21.42 PER PRODUCT!


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