Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise Series Update –V2.0

I wrote about Think Tank Photo’s Urban Disguise series in my blog at the beginning of this year, and about a year later I got one of the v2.0 versions of Urban Disguise 40.  Now in my review I had originally said that my Urban Disguise® 50 was too big and that I’d prefer a 40. Now that I have the 40, I realize the 50 is the perfect size – go figure? :)

Here’s what’s new for the v2.0:

Normally I do a little video to show the bag because I find the info on the web site to be less informative than I’d like, but in this case there video is spot on so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel – just check out what’s new here:

Additional Photos

Here are some great photos of this new bag from the Think Tank Photo web site:

Extra camera (non-pro) bodies can easily fit in the pockets
My 5D Mark II fits fine in there in any orientation

Swap a flash for the macro lens below and this is spot on as to how I configure my UD40 v2:

This is how you have to carry a long lens. If you try to put it on the camera then
the body will poke out, but the hand straps snap works in a pinch to get the bag
together when you need to do that (not recommended).

Using the new v2.0 expansion zipper, you can store a pro DSLR in these bags much easier than before.


The new 2.0 bags offer a variety of new features that are subtle at first, but when you actually use them  you realize they are very handy. Now unless you have a pro body, it probably doesn’t warrant replacing your Urban Disguise series v1.0 bag, but if you are looking to get a new bag I’d say go straight for the Urban Disguise series 2.0.

I still use my Urban Disguise bag quite often for local lightweight shoots and family outings.

Special Offer

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I was given a UD40 v2.0 bag to evaluate and discuss at my discretion. I may get a commission if you take advantage of my special offer, so I really appreciate you purchasing using the links on this blog.

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