Monday, February 7, 2011

Photo of the Week Winner


Okay, I know I’ll probably catch some grief for this because I’m a sucker for motorsports, but this image from Andy885 is just too damn cool!

What I like about this shot is the perfect timing and correct aperture used to isolate the motorcycle from the crowd, yet still enough DOF is retained to keep the entire motorcycle and driver in focus. The correct shutter speed was chosen as well as the motorcycle is perfectly frozen yet the wheels still have a sense of movement.

Now I know some people will groan about the framing as the saying goes “dead center is dead wrong”, but in this case it doesn’t bug me too much because the people in the back right are looking to the motorcycle so my eye goes back to the drivers helmet which is an immediate draw to my eyes. The guy in the orange vest on the left grabs my eye so I would have darkened him up, but again his arm sorta draws me back into the shot. The frame isn’t too crowded so I get a feeling of seeing where he’s going and where he’s going and where he’s been which given the fact that he’s airborne (bravo) is important. I also like seeing the terrain in the background as it makes it feel like it is a scenic location.

My only recommendation for this shot is to put a vignette on it and perhaps sharpen the driver & motorcycle as well as brighten them up a splash relative to the background. Beyond that, I really enjoy this shot.

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Andy Findlay said...

Many thanks for choosing my pic. Some folk will immediately recognise the location and event, the Isle Of Man TT Races which take place in June each year. This shot was from last year, 2010. The lighting was a major headache, it was taken in the very low evening sun at about 9.00pm. I will certainly take on board your comments.

If you'd like to see some more from the TT Races have a look here
browse the galleries and forum and also here


Andy said...

Very cool - thanks for sharing more info Andy.

It's a great environment for motorsports shots because the backgrounds are so much more interesting than a typical race track.

Extremely well done for a 9:00 PM shot!