Monday, February 7, 2011

Kelly Moore Camera Bags – NOW $15 Off (3-4-2011)

Kelly Boy Bag - Brown (Left) & Hobo - Grassy Green (Right)
White Balanced Shot of the Bags I Will Review

Using the discount coupon code page you can find the code for a $15 discount off Kelly Moore Camera Bags. I’m excited about these camera bags because they don’t look like camera bags! Instead, they look more like designer bags like you might find at Tumi or Michael Kors with high quality leather and great build quality.

A Sneak Peek Inside

Despite the great prices, these don’t feel like crappy bags you might get from name brand knock off stores online or overseas. They are very high quality leather (and I’m super picky about quality and leathers).

Shopping Cart Example – Code Location shown in Yellow
NOTE: CODE WILL CHANGE!!!! Visit the discount coupon code page for the latest code

I can’t wait to do my full review of these very colorful and stylish camera bags, but you can start enjoying the discount now! Just enter in the code found on the discount coupon code page at and save today!

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