Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo of the Week Winner

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Congrats to Karl Whittman, this week’s Photo of the Week Winner. This shot is a sunrise shot from Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida, but my mind wants to think it is Santorini, Greece.

To me a good photo is one that grabs my attention and keeps it there for a while. It’s even better when it causes me to daydream as this photo does because I think wow, I wish I was standing there feeling the nice warm sun on my skin.

This shot was taken with my favorite xxD series camera from Canon – the Canon 40D (a great used camera buy). Given the focal length of 17mm I’m going to guess it was taken with the 17-40mm and according to the EXIF it was enhanced using Lightroom 3.3.

My suggestions for improvement are to lose the white border and to crop it so that the sides are balanced evenly. If I was using photoshop I’d probably stamp out the black box on the camera right wall as well.

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