Friday, April 20, 2012

35% Off All Topaz Software Products THIS WEEKEND ONLY

Topaz Labs is offering 35% off ALL their products this weekend only when you use my special coupon code ronmartTWP at Here’s what your cart should look like after you've applied the code:

Enter the code and click apply to see your discount

Personally I recommend the bundle because you only need to buy a few products before you’ve exceeded the cost of the bundle (especially with this great deal), but even if you only buy one product this is a great offer.

This offer ends just before midnight on Sunday April 22nd, so act fast!

Here’s some of the Topaz Software products I’ve reviewed on this blog:


I may make a commission if you make a purchase using this deal. This offer is not valid with any other offers or codes.

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AMusingFool said...

It'd be nice if their checkout machine wasn't down. Or if their backup ( recognized the code. said...

Thanks for the report! I contacted Topaz and they are aware of the problem (they had a major site outage) and hope to have it resolved soon. Please check back as they will get this online again today.


AMusingFool said...

Thanks. Yeah, it was back when I checked again (~9pm EDT). Good timing, too (on the offer, that is); my 30 days trial had just expired. said...


Thanks for your patience!

To make up for the downtime, Topaz is going to extend this deal for my readers until EOD Monday.

My apologies for the downtime!