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REVIEW: Lightroom Magazine (Kelby Media) for iPad

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Lightroom Magazine Issue 6

The days of print magazines are disappearing rapidly, and sadly some of those magazines are simply going away rather than going online. The good news is that new magazines are popping up that are embracing this technology to offer a more more exciting way to view magazine content than ever before. With features like bookmarks, search and notes you no longer have to worry about losing your sticky note or marking up your magazine! You can quickly find what you want and view it in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Now at first I hated reading magazines online because the experience wasn’t very good. I preferred to hold the magazine in my hand despite its mediocre quality print (especially for images), but now that’s change. On the iPad we get images that can be tapped for viewing at full screen in high resolution.  You no longer have to read through pages of an interview because you can just watch the video. You no longer have thick magazines that are 90% advertisements and press releases – now there’s actual content that gets to the point.

Great images, useful content and helpful features like I’ve mentioned above had caused me to have a fondness for online magazines like Lightroom magazine by Kelby Media Group.

Sneak Peek at Issue 6

If you’ve never seen this magazine before, here’s a brief overview of what you get in a typical issue. Here’s the table of contents for this particular issue, but of course the content changes on a per issue basis. What you do see is a very typical magazine table of contents, but it is much lighter weight:

Table of Contents - Issue 6
Table of Contents - Issue 6

New and Relevant topics for the latest version
New and Relevant topics for the latest version

Tips on commonly used features
Tips on commonly used features

Downloadable Presets for each issue
Downloadable Presets for each issue (example from past issues)

Cool tips and tricks
Cool tips and tricks

Step by step instructions like you'd expect from Kelby Media products
Step by step instructions like you'd expect from Kelby Media products

Coverage for multiple versions of Lightroom
Coverage for multiple versions of Lightroom

If you’ve read Photoshop User Magazine (free with a subscription to NAPP), you kinda know what to expect. This magazine is basically the Lightroom equivalent in an iOS app format.

With Matt Kloskowski as the editor-in-chief, you can expect great advice on Lightroom related topics.


At around 60 pages (of which about 25% are ads) it’s definitely a short magazine which makes the $4.99 price tag a little hard to swallow in these days of abundant online content. However, fans of the Scott Kelby / Matt Kloskowski way of doing books will find issues to be both helpful and familiar to what they are used to. If you aren’t a big fan of Scott or Matt’s books then this is probably not the right product for you.

On my retina based iPad the images were very nice and the magazine was a pleasure to read, but unfortunately I couldn’t read it on my iPhone, Android or Windows devices. It is my understanding that this limitation is being worked on so that Android support will happen in the future.

Technically speaking everything worked very well after downloading the magazine – most of the time. I did hit one glitch with issue 8 where it required me to delete and re-download it so that the read button would work. It was a nuisance but not a real problem.

I recommend this magazine for those who would enjoy a mini Lightroom lesson manual each month that they could read at their leisure in chunks that some might find more digestible than a book.

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