Friday, November 22, 2013

YOU DECIDE: Traditional or Fashion Processing?

Copyright © Ron Martinsen – All Rights Reserved
Copyright © Ron Martinsen – All Rights Reserved

I thought I’d try something new today to try to encourage some reader involvement.

The photo above is processed first as I’d normally process my photos – the clean and safe way (A), but on the right I process it using a technique that I see fashion photographers doing more often these days (B).

Which do you prefer and why?

Post your preference here as comments, or on my Facebook or Google+ pages.

Processing Details

On the left (A) I played it safe and did my standard workflow of Imagenomic Portraiture and the Nik Collection, but on the right (B) I used combination of filters in Perfect Effects to get the popular washed out / dated fashion look that has become rather common these days. Topaz Restyle was originally used to get the look on the right, but I misplaced my product key so I had to use something else to publish the article. Both are able to produce the same look.

Where to order

Visit my review of Portraiture to learn more, watch a video and get a discount on my favorite skin softening product!

Click here to learn more about Perfect Effects (new version 8 review coming soon).

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