Wednesday, July 9, 2008

REVIEW: A digital picture frame your grandma can use

I frequently see people asking the question of what digital picture frame is the best, but a lot of times they get recommendations by people for frames that are too complicated. Sure, streaming your flickr pictures to a frame is great for you and your high-tech friends, but does your Granny who doesn't even have a computer need high speed Internet so she can do that too?

Furthermore, if Granny isn't in the same town who is going to fix her frame when something goes wrong (and it always does)?

For my parents, who are also grandparents many times over, I chose to get the Kodak EasyShare SV811 8" Digital Picture Frame. It isn't the most high-tech, but it works easily and is just a little over $100. I've given three of these to people who weren't computer geeks last Christmas and they are all still running with no problems. The picture quality is excellent (and I'm a pixel peeper, so this is important to me) and it is super simple to give them new pictures to watch by simply sending them a cheap SD card with the latest pics. From there they can either send me their SD card back, or I can just let them keep them so they can choose which "virtual photo album" they want to display in their frame.

It's simple and it works with no hassle or fuss - just like Grandma wants!

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