Monday, October 19, 2009

Canon announces the 1D Mark IV

In a move that is sure to upset many of Canon’s 1D Mark III owners (of which I am one), today they have announced the release of the 1D Mark IV. The Canon faithful who endured the autofocus issues of the 1D Mark III series just got a proper Autofocus Manual a few short months ago, only to find their cameras now replaced. 

More Information

Read more about it at Rob Galbraith’s web site, Canon USA (full specs) and Order yours now from B&H.

Canon also has launched a mini-site for the 1D Mark IV on the Digital Learning Center.

New Autofocus and Image Quality Info and Videos


You can find Canon’s own sample photos and videos here.

Lights Out, Camera, Action by Vincent Laforet

Should you pre-order?

Given the greater pixel density on a 1.3x sensor (only 5.7µm versus the 1D Mark III’s 7.2µm and D3s 8.45µm), the absence of some nice 7D features, and my painful experience as a 1D Mark III owner, I will still stick to the recommendation I’ve held for well over a year in my Which DSLR should I buy? article and recommend that you consider Nikon’s D3 series (especially the recently announced Nikon D3s). Legions of pro sports photographers have switched to the D3 series as it has proven to deliver great results. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong if given a chance to evaluate the new 1D Mark IV, but to say that I am skeptical right now is an understatement.

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r4i firmware said...

Its an awesome camera. I looking for some more inforamation and reviews on it. I want to buy this camera for my wife. said...

Ping me privately if you want a good deal on one. I might have a contact who hopefully will be getting some from the first batch. said...

Here's a great review of the 1D Mark IV in action