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ThinkTankPhoto & Mindshift Product Reviews and Special Offer Details


From the start of this blog in 2008 I have been a big supporter of Think Tank Photo bags because I believe them to be the best bags on the market – PERIOD! However, there’s still plenty of people who believe that competitors bags are just as good, but I’ve tried a lot of bags and the first failure point for most competing bags is the zipper. Here’s a good video that talks about their zippers:

and here my story about why zippers really matter.

Yes, it's true that some other brands also use YKK zippers, but the other part of the equation is a combination of the size of the zipper (yes, bigger is better) and the material it's sewn on. It’s subtle, but I’ve seen bags with the tiny YKK zipper that was asked to do to much and it failed, but more often I’ve seen the zipper stay in tact but the material it was attached to ripped.

You’ve got to get all of these things right to make a great bag, and much more that only comes from knowing how real photographers are going to use your gear. This is a company of photographers making products for photographers, so they’ve got that part down pat.

Free Gift for readers of this blog!

When you place any order over $50 (see below), you’ll get your choice of a FREE gift bag. The choices change, but as of November 2016 here’s what’s being offered:


And all you have to do is  click my links or the photo above, and you’ll automatically be prompted to choose your free gift when you’ve add an item worth $50 or more to your cart.

Ron’s Think Tank Photo reviews

My favorite TTP/Mindshift bags ranked:

  1. StreetWalker Pro has been my go to bag since 2008 for all of my local shoots and short trips when I’m packing light (although I”ve stuffed 40 pounds of gear into mine more than once).
  2. Airport International v3.0 - The best roller bag on the market that is designed to fit in the overhead bin of planes worldwide (as of 2016).
  3. Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 20 – The Ultimate sling bag and super lightweight
  4. MindShift Gear Rotation 180° – THE Hiking Camera Backpack
  5. Think Tank Photo Modular Components V2.0 – Brilliant for sports or crowds. The ultimate photojournalist setup & great when you have to run!
  6. Think Tank Photo Logistics Manager – the ultimate I gotta move a lot of $hit bag, and my go to choice when the studio gear has to be transported.

Think Tank Photo reviews on this site:

MindShift reviews:


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