Friday, October 2, 2009

Microsoft Employees create a great photo book for charity


I try not to mention my day job on this blog, but I work at Microsoft Corporation and am a co-leader of a Photography club that is 1500+ members strong worldwide. I am pleased to announce that the club has come together to create a photo book of some amazing images! These guys are good (in fact, Windows 7 will feature some of their work as wallpaper and they are regulars on Bing)!

Blurb has a great article about this exciting photo book filled with over 150 outstanding photographs! Don’t believe me? Just click this link and take a peek. If this book doesn’t impress you then your bar is pretty high! In just two days it has already raised over $16,000 for the United Way, so you know that this book as got to be something special!

Sadly, I did not have a photo featured in the book as I procrastinated too long and ended up having the deadline fall after a house move and arrival of a new baby, and I’m kicking myself now! However, I’m very proud of what my colleagues have accomplished and I’ve ordered a hardcover copy myself.

Order Yours Today

Microsoft and its employees have been very generous to the community in the past, and I encourage you to join us in this years giving campaign by purchasing a copy. ALL proceeds go to the United Way as the purchase price is the cost of printing, plus $25.

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ericom said...

Great book, for a great cause. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Cool, Ron. Looks really nice. I'll buy one for SmugMug and put it on display.

Bob McGowan said...

Hi Ron,

Does the Microsoft Photography Club have an online presence? I'd be interested in contacting them. Or would you be the one I'd contact? Thanks!

Bob said...

Bob, just contact me via the link in my profile or on my portfolio and I can assist.