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JVH Technical Digital Print Festival 2010 was a HUGE hit!

Attendees packed the house to view prints for the contest

I had the pleasure of being a guest of John Harrington’s at JVH Technical’s Digital Print Festival this past Friday November 12th, 2010 where over 200 people were in attendance to learn about the latest print technology and products as well as participate in the annual digital print contest.

Attendees learn about this blog while enjoying an
Epson 3880 / ColorByte ImagePrint print in the GTI light box

It felt like everyone there stopped by my “booth” to enjoy the GTI PDV-2020ex light box on display and learn about the printing series I’m currently running on my blog. Attendees had questions ranging from Color Management to Epson’s Advanced Black & White mode advice.

Canon and Epson were around to discuss their latest products

Guests were eager to learn about the new iPF6300, iPF6350 and iPF8300 printers from Canon as well as the highly anticipated Stylus® Pro 4900 from Epson. They were able to enjoy one on one assistance from experts from both Canon and Epson on topics ranging from sales to technical inquires.

The GTI PDV-2020ex was a HUGE hit with attendees as were the
Canon iPF6300 prints on LexJet’s Sunset Photo Metallic paper

ColorByte was on hand to discuss ImagePrint as well as printing the first public print of their upcoming update for Canon printers (that’s right, it’s no longer vaporware now). The print I saw from the iPF6350 using this private build of ImagePrint was fantastic, so soon Canon users will be enjoying the same great RIP that Epson users have been enjoying for years.

I was also showing examples of LexJet Sunset Photo Metallic paper which I’m certain was the hit of the show as everyone was wanting to know more about this paper and take advantage of the 30% discount offered by this blog.

Randy Hufford used three of my raw images, edited them using his
workflow, and made massive prints from his
Canon iPF8300 and
iPF9100 printers

Color expert, Pat Herold from Chromix, was on hand to show users what my readers already know – that ColorThink Pro is an incredible product and a blast to use to learn more about the quality of your profiles and how to use the results to make better decisions before sending your job to the printer.

Guests enjoyed several great presentations from industry experts,
including master printer
Randy Hufford!

Randy Hufford had an all-day workshop the day before where he demonstrated his workflow much like you’d see in his fantastic DVD series The Perfect Print. During this presentation he elected to use some of my raw images and show users how to edit those images. In addition to this he filled the wall with three massive canvas prints of my images which was pretty neat as I’ve never seen my work printed so large! The best part was that Randy let me keep these prints, so now I get to enjoy them at my own home – thanks Randy!!!!

John Harrington was like Santa giving away laptops, iPads,
Nano’s, Wusthof knives, flat panel TV’s
and more to print contest winners!

John Harrington, founder of JVH, was great for putting on this wonderful event and even gave away some amazing prizes to the winners of the contest. He was also reminding everyone of our partnership where you can save 10% on ColorByte ImagePrint between now and the end of the year when you mention this blog when ordering (see the discount coupon code page for more details).   

Randy Hufford tries a new look while showing off one of the Honorable Mention Prints

I’d like to thank both John Harrington of JVH and Randy Hufford for all their support during this event in promoting this blog and my work as a Photographer. I also had a great time talking to so many wonderful people about printing on the fantastic printers by Epson and Canon.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of these events, I’d highly recommend it! It was super informative and FREE (including a fantastic five-star lunch that even included salad and dessert)! John easily had to spend several dollars per head for those in attendance, but this just another example of how he really loves his customers and works hard to give something back to them each year. Ask yourself before the next time you buy printers or supplies, what has your merchant has done for you? If it isn’t the first class treatment like this then I’d highly recommend you contact JVH and learn why they are the best place to buy printers from in the Northwest. They may not always be the cheapest, but they are without the best customers service business you’ll ever work with – period!

If you are reading this and were in attendance feel free to leave a comment to let John know how much you learned and appreciated this event as I’m sure he’d love the feedback.

If you’ve never heard of JVH before, I highly recommend them for all of your printer, paper, ink, imageprint and service needs. Be sure tell them you heard about them from this blog when ordering so John will know how much I appreciate him too by sending my readers to him!


I may get a commission if you mention this blog when ordering products from JVH as well as when you purchase using select links from other partners mentioned in this article. JVH is a preferred partner of this blog and provided me with free assistance with my Canon iPF6300 delivery as well as a free space at the digital print festival.

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