Wednesday, June 29, 2011

B&H Bargains of the Week

I get a weekly email from B&H with their latest deals but generally I ignore them as I hate to spam you with advertising. However, this week there are some really good deals that I think any photographer can appreciate so I’m sharing them with you. My apologies to those who hate stuff like this – this won’t happen very often.

Here’s the first deal for the fastest cards only:

Deal on the FASTEST cards - different from below

and here’s a deal for the more reasonably priced cards that were the fastest before the above cards came out:

SanDisk and Lexar are my favorite cards and I’ve done a comparison here which proves that your camera generally won’t benefit from anything faster than the four cards above. I also don’t like to have too many photos on one card in case something tragic happens to that card (i.e., a failure in the card). As a result my advice is to get the 8GB versions shown above, and get them now while these discounts are available. If you do mostly video, then the larger cards make more sense.

**** NOTE: You MUST add 2 or more of the same card to your cart to see the discount! ****

Canon Instant Rebates

B&H Canon Instant Savings

Click the banner above and be on the look out for the “Buy Together & Save Links” on select Canon L lenses to get instant rebates as well as $200 off the Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II Inkjet Printer.

Gitzo $100 Rebates

My recent tripod recommendations article has been a hit, so I’m happy to mention that B&H has some Gitzo tripods with $100 off rebates. Check out my Gitzo Primer to make sense of the codes and keep in mind that just because the number is larger doesn’t mean its newer. Most of the are older than the tripods I recommended, but they are still great so it’s a way to save and still have a Gitzo!

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