Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome Scott Kelby Blog Readers!

Ron Martinsen Guest Blog on ScottKelby.com - February 25, 2015

I’d like to thank Scott Kelby for giving me another opportunity to do a guest article on his blog. If you are interested, you can see my first article I did for his blog here. I’d like to welcome those of you who are coming over to check out my blog for the first time – thanks for stopping by!

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Be sure to check out my Getting Great 4x6 Prints Without Any Hassle article and if you are on a PC and want something better than Lightroom, then check out my QImage 2013 Review & Discount (see also my original QImage review).

Here’s also some more information about and a discount on the ioSafe devices I discuss in my guest blog article:

You can also get a FREE Trial and special discount on KelbyOne when you check out my review.


It was an honor to be on Scott’s blog, and I hope you enjoyed what I wrote. Please feel free to share comments here or on Scott’s blog to let me know what you thought!

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1 comment:

Stephen Greszczyszyn said...

Hi there, I found your blog through your useful post on Scott Kelby's Blog.

I'm uber-paranoid about my photos as my wife's house was robbed when she was little and for some reason they took all of their family photos. So now there are very few pictures of her family growing up, sadly. I'm also on a mission to scan and archive slides and old VHS video before it is too late.

I do a weekly backup on Mondays of my external USB3 mobile working drive that I use with my Macbook to both a home server (mac mini) and home raid array (QNAP). The home server backs up continuously to Crashplan using secure encryption (my own key). The home server also mirrors itself daily to a 4TB USB drive which I rotate offsite weekly at my office.

I am looking to get into printing, and really appreciated finding your web site. I bought your e-book and I'm thinking of buying an A3 sized printer. I know you have reviewed mostly high-end printers, but do you have any thoughts on the Epson R2000 or Canon Pro-100?

Anyways, thanks for a great, resourceful site. I'm glad I found it!