Thursday, January 16, 2014

Question of the Week: Top 3 Photography Gear Wish List Items for 2014

Is it a Nikon D4?
Is it a Nikon D4?

We all have the items we lust for but just can’t afford right now, but it’s fun to dream about having them one day right?

Tell me, what are some of the photography gear items that are in your wish list that you hope you can actually purchase this year?

It doesn’t have to be cameras or lenses, but it can be. It’s just whatever those things are that aren’t in your bag right now but you hope they will be before the end of 2014.

Or perhaps a Canon 1D X?
Or perhaps a Canon 1D X?

Maybe it is a cool sports camera body or perhaps a full frame mirrorless!

Or maybe more practical like a Sony a7R?
Or maybe more practical like a Sony a7R?

It’s your wish list, so share it with me so I can consider your wish list item for one of my 2014 review articles.

Leave a comment on the blog (SEE NOTE), or on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ with your items.

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Happy dreaming!

Perhaps a cool new backpack?

Ideas List

Here’s some items you might want to consider if you are struggling with ideas:


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Unknown said...

A nice large soft box. Nothing fancy, just a basic one to start with, thanks.

Rob said...

my wish is to get enough money together to buy my first lens of the holy trinity.

Nate Parker! said...

Oh I got some good ones: how bout (1.) the yet unannounced Canon 3D or whatever they gonna call it along with upgraded L lenses to resolve the potential.

(2.) The new nifty 200-400 with 1.4 teleconverter. Even if I don't usually want to do long shots that's a mad mad lens!

(3.) Probably going to actually get this: Canon 50 1.0.

(4.) Canon 45 Ts-e (Upgraded to L).

(5.) One of those cool Fuji street cams.

(6.) A trip to Iceland.

(7.) a dependable vehicle that doesn't have 300,000 miles on it.

(8.) health care?

Disillusioned_Banker said...

My wish for 2014 is a full frame camera: Canon 6D or Nikon D610, it is going to be a very tough choice to make!
I will grab a 50/1.4 and a 85/1.8 and it will probably be enough for 2014...

Anonymous said...

For me I think it's a 1Dx and Sony A7R. Without shutter shake! But in an ideal world I'd have the opportunity to try a 1Dx and A7R before deciding whether they are good replacements for my existing gear. Not so easy in NZ!!

Oh, and a Canon 17mm ts-e.

And some kind of tardis-like camera bag to easily carry my gear as carry on baggage but also lug it around the wilderness!

I'm not asking too much... surely :) said...

I must be writing about the right things because I'm not seeing any huge surprises here. Fortunately I have many of these covered already.

Nate - you don't want that Canon 50mm f/1.0 - rent one from first and you'll quickly find that it's not as wonderful as many people imagine it to be.

Good luck everyone!