Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nik Software Coupon Code Problem & Fix

NOTE: The pricing in this article has changed, but as of this time the information is still accurate. Current pricing details are here:

Nik Complete Collection by Google now only $149 ($126.65 with coupon code)

My blog offers the best discount you can get online for Nik Software, but it’s been brought to my attention that there’s been a problem using my 15% off promo code when you click email from Nik Software that pre-populates the cart with a code. The problem is that just in that it doesn’t work, so here’s how to fix it:

1. Click the Remove button as shown below (click for a larger version):

Click Remove

2. Now add my code (currently RMARTINSEN, but check my Discount Coupon Code page for the latest code) and hit apply for a larger discount (click for a larger version):


My discount is larger and still offers the free upgrade to Silver Efex Pro 2, so it’s a win-win scenario. I also get a commission for this referral so I appreciate your support!

Contact me or Nik Software if you have any questions, but be sure to mention that you are trying to use my code.

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Michael Gove said...

But, sadly, unavailable outside the USA. Somehow Nik seem to hate their overseas users :( said...

Michael - Stay tuned as I'm working with Nik Software's Europe division to see if I can do something for my overseas readers.

Humberto said...

Hi Ron, any news about the possibility of using the coupon code at the EU site? said...


Yes, I have a form you can use in the EU. Please send me mail and I'll share it with you.

You may not repost this form to the web per my agreement with Nik Software Europe, but you can get the same discount as we enjoy in North America.


StefanoF said...


I'm from Europe (Italy) too and I'd like to get the coupon code.

Would you be so kind, if still working, to send me the form for EU?

Stefano said...


Martin said...

Hi Ron, appreciate your efforts to give us in Europe a rebate also. When ordering using the form in the link I was told that the offer only was valid in July 2011. Any chances of a new offer sometime?


Martin Gunnarson said...


Wow, you are correct. I'm looking into that now as I didn't realize that it had expired.

Stay tuned, I'll try to get an update soon.

Ron said...

A new form has been uploaded (see link URL above) and now include Color Efex 4 as well as upgrades.


Mike said...

Hi Ron,

Just want to say thanks for getting the rebate arranged for the Nik products. I managed to get silver efex pro 2 with the 15% discount this month (January 2012) but when I tried to buy color efex pro 4 yesterday they said the offer expired in November, which is a bit strange.

I was wondering if there is any way of getting a new discount in the near future?


Mike said...

Mike - the big discounts come during the Black Friday to Christmas time of year. Outside of that my blog discount is the best deal you are going to find.

My blog discount coupon code should always work though. If it doesn't let me know.

John said...

Hi Ron, did Nik Software remove the coupon code field from the ordering field ?

ps i am ordering from The Netherlands said...

You need to use the form in Europe. Email me

John said...

Ron, thanks. 15% received on Color Efex Pro 4

Anette Mossbacher said...

Hi Ron, I tried the Niksoftware from Europe with your coupon code "rmartinsen".
Nada, website says: We were unable to identify your coupon!
Either the code was entered wrongly or the offer is no longer available. Please enter your 10-digit code in the box below.

This was in Euro price tag. I have to pay than 129 .-US / 99.- Euro, which bugs me quite a lot. usually I could download under 99 US from all over the world and now, since sitting in switzerland, since 8 month, I have to pay 30 bucks more !!

Do you have any code for Europe ? Would love to use it for you, as your site is great and or me of course to save a few bucks. said...

email me (if you haven't already) via the about page contact info