Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nik Software announces Silver Efex Pro 2

See below to pre-order for only $84.96!

If you do black & white images then the best tool in town is Silver Efex, but soon that’s about to change with the arrival of Silver Efex Pro 2 (a.k.a., SEP 2).

I personally hated black and white photography before I got this product and started seeing the other great images (like the ones shown below) done using Silver Efex Pro. I now love doing black and white and printing them on Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper for a truly special fine art print!

Here’s a look at the new user interface (click for full size versions):

Building (c) Joel Tjintjelaar
SEP’s Great User Interface, Just Got Better

Wow check out the before and after on this one? From blah to amazing!!!!

Subject Image (c) Ed Heaton
Amazing Before & After

There’s even a new view on the left panel to give you a summary of the changes made:

Subject Image (c) Ed Heaton

I love it!

Preorder for only $84.96…

When pre-ordering you’ll see this page first where you must enter a code to pre-order the upgrade. If you aren’t a current user then you can go to the website to subscribe for a notification of when SEP 2 will ship:

Pre-order Page

To get a discount just enter the code (see my discount coupon code page for updates if this doesn’t work):


If you did everything correctly you should see the correct price. My code also works for other versions – not just upgrades, so save on most Nik Software products when you use this code!

Prices subject to change without notice. I will get a commission and you’ll get a discount if you purchase using my code, so help us both by using the code!

NOTE: If any other codes are listed please choose REMOVE and enter mine as it’s the best deal you can get for this product!

Learn More

Upgrade to Silver Efex Pro 2 Today

Here’s a list of the features: (* = new for SEP 2)

Features in orange are new in Silver Efex Pro 2

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