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REVIEW: Mamarazzi – Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids

Mamarazzi: Every Mom's Guide to Photographing Kids is a delightful book!

These days I usually get a few books per week to review, so I’ve become more picky about which books I take the time to read. I thought this book was brilliant for the name alone which is why I took the time to look at it more carefully. I’m pleased to say that what’s inside this book is even better than the creative book title, so my hats off to Stacy Wasmuth for hitting this one out of the park.

Written for Mom’s, not Dad’s

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The Boo Boo Lip

When I first scanned through this book I thought it was a bit random and scattered. Few topics went super deep and the layout seemed confusing.

I handed it to my wife (who is busy with our hyper 2 year old), and she loved the format. She looked at it as having simple, to the point, and digestible chunks of info. What’s more it doesn’t start off by going in the the geek camera details like most books, instead it starts off with sound practical advice that is relevant even if you are shooting with a point and shoot.

Visually Delightful

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Twinkle, Twinkle

When I asked my wife to take a look at this book she didn’t seem too excited as she’s crazy busy with our son, but this book just draws you in. When you pick it up and look inside you are flooded with a ton of great photos of children. This caused her to dive a little deeper into it and actually start reading. The pictures kept her interested and the content was small and digestible enough that it worked with her busy schedule. While she didn’t have time to read every word, she was quick to point out that she really liked the book and LOVED the photos.

Click here to take a look inside the book on Amazon so you can see what I mean.


If you know of a mom (or a mom to be) who is interested in improving the quality of photos they get of their bundle of joy, then this is the book to get. It makes a great gift and a wonderful coffee table book for inspiration. Even if you never read a word of the text, you’ll still find yourself inspired by the photos enough that I think it will help you to think differently about how you photograph your children.

This book isn’t for the analytical. This is a light reading/skimming type of book that will entertain you with the photos, educate you with the advice from the pros, and inspire you to take much more interesting photos. I highly recommend it for busy Mom’s!

For fun I’ve included a few shots that my wife and I collaborated on as we record the growth of our 2 year old son, Kai. I hope you get a laugh or a smile as we do. These photos are meant to inspire ideas as the ones in the book do, but the book photos are MUCH better than our family snapshots.

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First Haircut

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