Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Killer Deals (UPDATED: 11/28/11 at 6:42 PM)

Once You Know, You Newegg
UPDATE: NewEgg has announced their Cyber Monday deals and they are some sweet deals. I’m off to go take advantage of a few myself (click the logo above to see them)– later! :-)

I won’t flood you with holiday specials, but I’ll try to update my “Stuff on Sale” tab at the top right of the blue bar on this blog as I get deals you should know about. I’m also going to do this one article for the ones that I’d consider using or I’d tell my close friends about:

Best Deals

  1. (UPDATED) Topaz Adjust - Click here and use the coupon code CYBERTOPAZ (or RONMART it it doesn’t work) to save up to 30% off. Coupon code RONMART works for 15% off all other products.
  2. Nik Software 20% Off Holiday Sale–11/23 to 11/28/11 (Includes UPGRADES) when you use the coupon code RMARTINSEN (Click here for a fix for the double-coupon code problem)
  3. Think Tank Photo - Offering up to 11 camera pouches and memory card holders worth almost $300 that you can have added for free to your purchases. Every time you place an order with Think Tank, when you check out you will be asked which one of the items listed below you wish you receive for free. There is no limit on the number of orders you can place. You receive free gear with every order. CLICK HERE to qualify!
  4. B&H Cyber Monday Specials – Too many to list, but click her for the Canon rebate program (NEW)! Click here to go to the category of your choice to see all of the deals! It also includes these great deals:
  5. Best Deals on the Web for Eizo products when you put RONMARTBLOG in the comments portion of the shopping cart (you’ll get the guaranteed lowest price charged to your card – you can call them and mention my blog as well). Click here and go to the ORDERING section to see more details.

Other Great Deals

More Deals and Where To Find Updates

See my discount coupon code page for more special offers (several of which are exclusive to this blog). Also visit my “Stuff on Sale” tab at the top right of the blue bar on this blog for more special offer as I learn about them.


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