Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Think Tank Photo Airport Security v2.0 in a 757 Overhead Compartment

Think Tank Photo Airport Security v2.0 on a 757 Overhead Compartment
Think Tank Photo Airport Security v2.0 in a 757 Overhead Compartment

When flying to New York last week I was told by the flight attendant that my Airport Security v2.0 had to go into the overhead compartment long ways or else it would have to be checked. This is a pretty big bag so I normally store it sideways as you can see below, so I was about to argue as I had a lot of expensive gear in this bag:

This is how I normally store this bag

When I tried to put my bag in wheels first it didn’t work, but when I put it in handle first it fit. Granted it was just about 1mm away from not fitting, but it fit. See the photo at the top of this article taken from my seat as evidence that the same exact bag shown below will fit (and I’m 6’1” in the photo below).

I think it may have been said that the plane had extended compartments. I’ve taken this bag with me countless times when travelling and always carried it on the plane. Once again I was very pleased that it managed to stay with me and not get checked in.

Thanks Think Tank Photo for making the best bags I’ve ever used! This bag went through hell getting hauled all around Manhattan, but it never let me down. I highly recommend the Airport Security v2.0.

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Unknown said...

The picture shows you can carry it on shoulder. I know Airport TakeOff has got this option but not sure if the same available on Think Tank Airport Security v2.0.

ronmartblog.com said...

It has it but the straps are tucked into the padding. It's easy to miss if you haven't done it before, but this is a key feature of this bag so it's always there.