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REVIEW: Digital Holster 30 v2 by Think Tank Photo

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 30 v2.0
Digital Holster 30 v2 shown with Pro Speed Belt
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I love my speed belt with my Modular Components system but I’ve never been happy with my current configuration because I have to take my lens off and put my camera in without a lens into my Bum Bag or Speed Changer. Here’s where this brilliant bag comes in (shown above and below):

As you can see above and in my video (later in this review) this bag can hold a normal size DSLR without a battery grip and a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens (Canon or Nikon) even with the hood in the on position (via opening a zipped extension in the bottom shown with an arrow above). Below you can see that it is a nice snug fit so your camera doesn’t bounce around if you are running along the sidelines. There’s also a handy leg strap (shown in the video) to keep it from bouncing around as well.

I really like this bag as a simple grab and go solution when I just need my DSLR and stuff small enough to fit in its pockets, but where I really like it is when I’m shooting sports and I want a 2nd camera ready to go. If you’ve run along the sidelines with your camera bouncing around your neck and taking pictures of the ground you know how annoying that is, so this is a great alternative that also keeps your gear safer if you take a tumble. Remember, this gear is built by pros for pros, so it’s a very practical sports bag solution.

Think Tank Photo Digital Holsters

There is more information on Think Tank Photo Holster Camera Bags (shown above) and Accessories using the hyperlinks in this article.


Here’s another one of my bad videos, but a video is still worth a thousand photos so hopefully you’ll enjoy it. This time I’m trying out the Dot Line DL-DV60 Video & DSLR LED Light which I think has helped a bit but my color is a bit off this time so my apologies while I get a better video workflow.


I love this bag with my 5D Mark II, but I really need the Digital Holster 50 for my 1D Mark IV pro body (as would D3 and D3s owners, or those with battery grips). I’m very happy with the new improvements made in the V2.0 version and I like the fact that I can use this bag without the speed belt if I want. Like all TTP bags it comes with a rain cover which I didn’t show and it is extremely well made. I highly recommend this series for those who just want camera bag protection or who are using the TTP Modular Components or TTP Skin Collection.

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