Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ron’s Back–New Articles Coming Next Week

Unedited JPEG taken with X10'sSunset” Scene Position (SP) Mode

My apologies to my readers for the blackout for the this week. I've been enjoying a long overdue vacation. I spent this past week on the Big Island of Hawaii near Kona, so I’ve got lots of good stuff for the blog coming in the future.

Fujifilm X10 – I Love It Even More Now

Click for full size in-camera original - unedited
Unedited JPEG taken with X10's Panoramic 360 Adv (DEFINE) Mode

I took my new Fujifilm X10 with me and loved it.

As you can see from the sunset shot (taken in the Sunset SP mode) and the 360 degree panorama above (taken in Adv – Advanced mode), it did a pretty darn good job for point and shoot snaps. These were handheld shots where I literally lifted my arm, snapped, and moved on. In fact, for the sunset shot I was holding a plate of food at a Luau when I took it!

My only two gripes with it - both of which I mentioned in the review - were the detached lens cap and the short battery life. I lost the lens cap at least 3 times daily which wasted time while I hunted around for it. I also got burned on two days where I couldn’t use the X10 because I ran out of battery life, so I quickly learned that you MUST recharge the battery EVERY night. I was bummed that it's only good for a day of average usage, but it is still better than the s100’s battery which doesn’t seem to last even that long. An extra battery is #1 on my next B&H order list. Those issues aside it performed wonderfully and I'll be sharing lots of good info with you about it.

iPhone 4s - The Unexpected Hero

Taken with iPhone 4s and edited using Snapseed on my iPhone

Another hero in Hawaii was my iPhone 4s. Just for fun I used it to snap some shots and I edited them directly on my iPhone using Nik Software's Snapseed. It gave me shots that were much better than I expected when posting on Facebook during my trip, but when I view them larger than iPhone size I realize that I went overboard with the saturation and sharpened a tad too much. That said, it wasn’t bad and worked great for 5 minute on the fly photo edits for my personal Facebook friends.

Taken with iPhone 4s and edited using Snapseed on my iPhone

I'll resume my normal blogging schedule next week. In the meantime thanks for your patience and I hope you've enjoyed catching up with some of my past articles found in the archive or links on the right side of this blog.

Best wishes,
Ron Martinsen

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