Friday, November 4, 2011

Major Price Drop on SanDisk Flash Memory Cards!!!

SanDisk 16GB CompactFlashSanDisk 16GB CompactFlash UDMA 6 90MB/sSanDisk 32GB CompactFlash UDMA 6 90MB/sSanDisk 90GB CompactFlash UDMA 6 90MB/s

Click here to get 8GB for as little as $29.45 and16GB cards for as little as $48.95 (when you buy 3 or more – single prices are $55.95 and $33.99). This sale includes both SDHC and CF cards and much more.

SanDisk 30MB/s 8GB SDHC

Wondering if you need 90MB/s or 60MB/s? Read my article “Is a faster Compact Flash card worth the extra money?” to find out if the faster cards will make any difference in your camera.

This offer is for a limited time and features free shipping from B&H.


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