Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Exclusive NAPP Cash Discount


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The following information no longer applies. Please see the above link.

With my new NAPP coupon code you can save $15 on your membership. This is a great deal on a great product (see my review) that includes the magazine and lots of helpful online resources.

If you are wondering what’s the difference between NAPP and KelbyTraining, the answer is simple – NAPP focuses on Photoshop training and includes a magazine, whereas KelbyTraining focuses on photography (at the time of capture) related subjects. They complement each other, but they don’t overlap as much these days as they used to in the past.

I’ve been working hard for a long time to bring this deal to you so I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it and take advantage of it!

Using the Coupon Code

Click here to go to the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) web site, and then click the JOIN NAPP button. You should then see this page where you can enter my code NAPPRON15 (or it may automatically populate):

Exclusive NAPP Discount for ronmartblog.com readers

After you enter my code and click Check Code (or if it auto populates) you should see this under the boxes above:

NAPP Discount Applied

In your cart you’ll see the actual discount applied:

NAPP Discount In Cart

Kelby Training Deal

Kelby Training Discount
Kelby Training Features tons of great videos like this one that just released

Click here to see my review and special offer on Kelby Training as well!


I owe a lot of my success in digital photography to Scott Kelby, NAPP, Kelby Training, and Nik Software. However, when I got started about all I could afford was NAPP and getting Scott’s books from the library.

I never regretted my investment in NAPP and the Photoshop User magazine has really helped keep me on top of my game with new techniques.

I highly recommend it, and this deal is something I worked on for a long time so my friends could enjoy it too. I was never a fan of the lame deals that offered a book I already had or didn’t want – I wanted to save cash money so I’ve made that happen for you!

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