Friday, October 11, 2013 News: article and The Ride Book appearance

I rarely take the time to share with my readers some of the cool things that happen outside of the blog that prove that I’m not only a blogger, but a real pro photographer as well. Here’s a couple that are more public so I hope you don’t mind that I’d share them with my loyal friends who follow my blog. Sponsored Article licenses Ron’s Treehouse photo

I used to read PopPhoto magazine years ago, so I was jazzed when they contacted me out of the blue to ask if they and Canon could use one of my images for an article. Canon knows I’m a big fan of the PRO-1 printer, so the two decided to team up on a sponsored post to help raise awareness about the PRO-1.

While I’m not a big fan of sponsored posts, and have never done one on this blog as of the time this was written, I was happy to share my thoughts on this printer for the article. Click the image below to see the article or click here to read my two-part PRO-1 review that is part of my printing series.

To see a video of how I edited Treehouse (on with Topaz Labs software, click here.

Go to''s article A Top Pro's Hands-On Experience, with Ron Martinsen
Go to's article A Top Pro's Hands-On Experience, with Ron Martinsen

It was fun to team up with PopPhoto as a former reader, and great to team up with Canon again. It was also nice to enjoy licensing fees for a photo that was taken during a fun vacation with my kids.

New book licenses famous Beezerker photos

Click to go to The Ride: New Custom Motorcycles and their Builders
Click to go to The Ride: New Custom Motorcycles and their Builders

A cool story about this one is that the terms of the licensing didn’t provide the financial incentive to license my best photos, so I licensed some of the ones that haven’t been licensed as much. What’s more, I cut the publisher a break on the first edition in exchange for a substantially higher commission on the 2nd edition. This helped to seal the deal where they felt good in case the book didn’t sell well, and I felt protected in case it was a big hit. Well the book was a hit, so my future edition clause has kicked in so I was asked to send an invoice for a new round of licensing.

I thought this was a pretty creative way to do it, so it’s something to think about when working with book publishers.

Be sure read this article to have an idea on what pricing is fair:

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Please pardon my announcement here, but it’s fun to share good news about recognition from others with my loyal readers / friends.

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