Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FIRST LOOK: Fujifilm X-E2 & X-Q1 (ISO 12,800)

I was at PhotoPlus in New York today and got a sneak preview of the X-E2 and X-Q1. While these are PRE-RELEASE models and NOT FINAL, they do show that even at ISO 12,800 the image quality is pretty great. I also found the auto focusing on the X-E2 to be comparable to the X100s which is fantastic. I’m super excited and plan to be ordering on of these myself!

Using the 55-200mm lens, I was impressed with the X-E2 image quality – especially at ISO 12,800


Zooming in on the shot above, I couldn’t see any serious noise despite the high ISO

In looking at the hair, I didn’t see significant detail smearing either

It was only when I moved to the wall areas that I could see the noise,
but it wasn’t anything that
Noiseware couldn’t easily clean up


The 55-200mm pleased me with its fast auto focus indoors in poor lighting conditions

This might very well be my next camera – I’m pretty jazzed at what I saw at the preview

Fujifilm claims that while this shares the same sensor and processor as the x20,
that is where the similarities end. They claim better performance in a more
compact shape, and from what I saw I think they might be right!

To help address the lack of physical controls, the Fn button on the bottom right brings up this menu
which repurposes all of the buttons. It also shows the purpose of the dial on the front of the
camera behind the lens (see the image on the left of the display).It works well, but
I’d rather my Q menu!

For more information, see my article entitled Have My Dream Fujifilm Cameras Arrived? (X-E2 & X-Q1)–Sample Images Gallery Link Included. Please keep in mind that these are photos of photos taken from pre-production cameras so the quality shouldn’t be fully judged by these images. My eyes liked what they saw and I can only hope it will get better when they are released!

My apologies for the ugly images, but I wanted to get these up and live quickly!

Where to order

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