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Tony Corbell–Finally A Photographer Who Really Knows How To Teach

Tony Corbell
Tony Corbell

The photography industry these days is flooded with talented people in the industry who are willing to share their skills. Many are very talented photographers who have great stories to tell, but many also have one thing in common – they struggle at truly explaining HOW they get their great shots. The reason why is because many learn from trial and error and just do their magic instinctively.

If you have the pleasure of seeing many photography legends work in real life they seem to fire without thinking in what appears to be a “spray and pray” manner. However, if you check their LCD there’s magic in many of the frames. When you ask them on the spot how they did it, you get answers with no substance to help you do the same. You leave thinking that they possess a gift you’ll never have and that it’s their “instinct” that makes them so great.

Simple Lighting Techniques for Photographers

While a photographers “gift” or talent may be partially the reason why they can’t translate their success into words that you can apply yourself, the bigger truth is that few people possess the skill to explain exactly what’s going on in their head in a meaningful way to an average photographer. Despite his critics, I think Scott Kelby does a pretty good job of this in his books and today I just watched a video by Tony Corbell on Kelby Training who just nails the true meaning of teaching in his video entitled Simple Lighting Techniques for Photographers.

Now Tony doesn’t carry the legendary status of a Joe McNally or the name recognition of Vincent Versace or David Hobby, but he can damn sure out teach all of them – hands down in my book. That’s not meant to put down any of them as I think all of done a tremendous amount to help millions of photographers take their skills up a notch or two, but Tony’s video struck me a special for going the extra mile to explain exactly what was in his head and they why behind how he gets the shot.

If you are a frustrated photographer who has watched a lot of videos on lighting techniques but feel like nothing is sticking when you try to do it yourself, then I’d advise you to give Tony’s video a try. I think you might learn something that makes you have that “ah ha” moment for those things you’ve been missing all this time.

I will warn you that Tony isn’t going to dazzle you with swimsuit models or shots from exotic locations, but he is going to teach you some fundamentals. If you finish the video thinking “I knew that” then consider yourself well taught, but odds are you’ll pick up some useful nuggets (especially in the “Made in the Shade” subtractive lighting segment).

Check It Out Yourself (Free Preview & Discount Membership)

Click here to see Tony’s class agenda and watch a free intro. If you are a Kelby Training member then you can enjoy the whole class for free, but if you aren’t then enjoy a special exclusive discount on a membership only from this blog on my discount coupon code page or my Kelby Training Review.

Who The Hell Is Tony Corbell?

If you are asking yourself this question, then don’t let his dazzling good looks throw you off. He’s really quite an accomplished photographer. Click here to read his bio and visit here to see his upcoming teaching schedule on


I have a complementary Kelby Training membership so I enjoy it for my personal use in my free time on occasion. Tonight I happened to stumble across this video so I wrote an unplanned article to share my discovery. I do know Tony Corbell personally through our mutual affiliations with Nik Software and he has made a small donation in the past to this blog. Ironically though, tonight was the first time I’ve actually experienced Tony teaching so this was actually a side of him that I had heard about but never experienced before.

Like most of my articles, if you make a purchase using select links in this article, I may make a commission. However, if you are already a Kelby Training member then I probably won’t, yet I still strongly encourage you to check this video out.

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